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 It takes countless hours of deliberate practice to become a top class athlete!

Our qualified coaches can accelerate players learning through our individual & small group training sessions.  The purpose of this very specialized training is to enable players to receive individual instruction in specific areas of the game which would be difficult to teach in a large team environment.


Private training sessions are designed to introduce and improve upon basic technical skills, movement on the ball, first touch, control, passing, dribbling, etc. Training is specially designed based on current skill level.

Training Pricing: One hour $55 includes warm-up with speed & agility drills


Great Opportunity For Travel Teams!
Draganov School of Soccer has been successfully providing teams with the opportunity to receive the finest training and match play experience. Draganov School of Soccer creates an ideal environment and coaching atmosphere for players to learn and develop.
We look forward to working with your team this summer at one of our programs.

Team Training Pricing & Options: 1.5 hours - $130   2 hours - $150

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